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Staff Room Requisites

Beverage dispenser

Office water coolers 

If you want to keep your office environment as an area where your staff can function at their best then you need to provide them with the necessary ‘fuel’. We stock a range of different products and food dispensers that will help make your load a bit lighter.

Beverage dispensers

We stock different beverage dispensers that offer a clean and easy way to dispense beverages with one flick, dispensing one serve at a time. Serve coffee, tea or hot chocolate in these beverage dispensers to keep your staff happy all day long.

Water dispensers

Keep your staff hydrated all day by renting or buying some of our water coolers or water dispensers. Don’t worry about how to keep your water clean and cold, our water dispensers will take care of that for you.

Disposable cutlery

We offer a variety of disposable cutlery available in our store.  Disposable cutlery is a great alternative to normal cutlery, since you can throw it away and recycle it after someone has used it. This way you don’t have to worry about dirty cutlery laying around or getting someone to clean it. Just use it and trash it, keeping your office environment clean and hygienic.

Bottled water

Keeping hydrated is vital for the benefit of your employees’ health. It removes toxins from the body and raises the energy levels. It also assists in fighting infections and promotes an overall healthy image. We sell bottled water for you to buy in bulk and keep your staff hydrated and refreshed at all times.


Almost everyone needs a cup of coffee first thing in the morning when they get to the office. This is usually the time when colleagues have social conversations and form a connection, which is great for teamwork and office relationships. Make sure you stock up on coffee from our store to give your staff that much needed caffeine boost in the mornings.

Foam/plastic cups 

Foam and plastic cups are a great alternative to ceramic cups, especially when you have beverage dispensers. It can hold both warm and cold drinks and foam cups can be recycled. We have been providing paper and plastic cups to businesses all over Perth for years. Choose your colour from our cups available in white, black and brown when you visit the store. Purchase the lids with your cups to help your warm drinks stay warmer for longer and minimise the chances of spilling.


There’s nothing that boost the morale of employees more than giving them office snacks every now and then. Buy biscuits and office snacks to treat your staff with from Alpha.