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Personal Care and Safety Basics

Safety gear Perth

Safety vests, footwear and  apparel 

In some businesses, it is vital to wear safety gear to protect yourself from being injured. Where some jobs require wearing safety clothes, others might need safety gear to protect them from any harmful elements.

Even if your staff is reluctant to wear or use the gear, it is your responsibility to educate them about the dangers of not wearing it. In Perth, we have a lot of industries that require such protective gear like mining and building. Wearing safety clothes should be compulsory to employees that work in these fields.

Insect repellent

Do you work in an environment where there is lots of mosquitos or insects bothering you? If you use the right insect repellent, you will make life much easier on yourself. We stock Aerogard, an Australian brand of outdoor insect repellent that is applied directly to the skin to keep insects from biting you. Many Australians in Perth regularly use our insect repellent for protection.


Lyreco alcohol wipes kill germs and act as a rapid disinfectant for surfaces such as telephones, keyboards and desks. These wipes have an antistatic, fast drying formula that leave surfaces completely dry and grease free. Using germ free wipes are highly effective when you need a clean, germ-free environment. Our isowipes are often used in hospitals and surgeries, and contain isopropyl alcohol. Stock up on wipes and keep your environment germ free.

Safety apparel

We stock different safety apparel clothing in our store. If you need a safety vest, safety footwear or waterproof overalls, get yours here. Our elasticated side boots are available in black and will resist under foot surface temperatures up to 130 degrees Celsius. We also offer PVC coated nylon pants and coats that are waterproof in sizes small to XXXX Large. Visit our store today to make sure you’ve got the right safety gear for your job.


Protecting yourself and your skin from the sun is just as important as wearing protective clothing. We all need sunscreen to protect our skin from UV rays and to prevent sunburn. When you use sunblock with a high SPF it can decrease your chances of sunburn as well as prevent skin cancer. We stock Maxi Block sunscreen containers from one litre and up.

Antibacterial gels

If you keep your hands hygienically clean, it will help avoid the spreading of germs. Washing your hands is a great habit and with antibacterial gels, you can keep your hands clean without using soap or water. Buy your antibacterial gel today and keep those germs away.