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Hygiene Consumables

Hygiene Products

Paper towel dispensers 

Make sure that your environment is always hygienically clean and get some of our hygiene products. Alpha Cleaning has been providing hygiene products to the Perth industry since 2004, offering them only the best products to keep their environment clean.

We ensure our leading range of hygiene products remains amply stocked, so you have what you need, when you need it. Our very own range of cleaning products has been developed to fill a niche for allergy tolerant, carcinogenic-free cleaning solutions.

Paper towels

Keep your restroom and bathroom stocked with hand towels, paper towels and disposable hand towels from Alpha Cleaning Services. Make sure you always have a handy paper towel close to clean up spills or dry wet hands by stocking up on paper towels.


We stock microfiber cloths that have become popular during the last few years. They’re great to clean glasses, desks, computer screens, windows, mirrors and plastic surfaces without water.


If you are looking for paper towel dispensers, hand towel dispensers or roll towel dispensers, we have them all in stock. Organise your paper towels and display them neatly in a towel dispenser.

Bin liners

If you have a lot of bins, you’ll need a lot of bin liners or garbage bags to place inside them. Visit our store today and get your bulk amount of the right sized bin liners for your different bins all at once.

Air fresheners

Air freshener is very important to keep your home or office smelling clean and fresh all day long. We stock Country Garden and White Jasmine Gala Air Fresheners in store.  You can even purchase an air freshener dispenser to allow for constant freshness.

Tile cleaner

Tiles are often the dirtiest part of the home due to high traffic volumes – dirt accumulates from shoes, pets and general movement that encourages the settling of dust. Although it cannot be avoided, regular cleaning of tiles, using a good tile cleaner, can keep dirt and greasy deposits at bay.

We stock some of the best tile cleaners in Perth. We stock a wide range of tile cleaning products to keep your floors sparkling clean.

Grout cleaners

Our grout cleaning products are highly effective on wall tiles that attract mould. This occurs mainly in the bathroom or near kitchen sinks where there are high volumes of water and little ventilation. We supply mould cleaners as well as the equipment required to perform the job correctly – our specialised brushes have chemically resistant bristles and handles that have been ergonomically designed for ease of use. Choose one of our specialised grouting treatments to ensure that the grouting remains solid and retains its colour.

Laundry detergents

Make your washing a breeze by using some of our own Palace washing detergent. Clean all dirt and stains in one go.

Chewing gum remover

Sometimes it seems nearly impossible to get rid of gum, so make sure you get some of our specially formulated blend of solvents for the effective removal of chewing gum.